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Senior Living In Newburyport

Looking For Senior Living In Newburyport? Close relatives were responsible for elderly persons’ care in the past. The extended family households would deliver such care.

Yet, most of them today feel isolated in families. It’s because everyone is busy running their daily schedules.

In the end, long-term isolation could lead to depression. For any Senior Living in Newburyport, we offer the best care services to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing.

The older people in society need special care in living because of their specific needs. They cannot do things independently, which could be because of mobility issues due to old age.

Maplewood Center is one of the top-class facilities providing Senior Living in Newburyport. We help reduce cases of depression among senior people by offering the best care. We provide various care services listed below.

Physical Therapy

Considering the many elderly care options for a Senior living in Newburyport, look no further because Maplewood Center has you covered. We have qualified staff to monitor the physical status of the elderly. Besides, we provide expert services to help seniors regain their independence in mobility.

We also offer motivation to the residents. In some cases, with patients who had injuries, we help them to prevent further injuries. It is possible due to the professional guidance we give to the seniors.

Speech and Language Therapy

Communication skills are vital at any age, even for elders. They might get speech impairment due to sickness or their age. Besides the social implications of a speech disorder, critical scenarios can arise. Such is likely if an older adult cannot express distress or other issues.

Our organization also has a trained team of pathologists. Besides, we offer speech therapy sessions for senior individuals. Therefore, it has several advantages aside from enhancing communication.

Recreational Therapy

Human comfort and well-being are not complete without recreation. Human bodies and minds function well when they do recreational activities. They help break the monotony of a routine. They also help to refresh and rejuvenate someone.

We embrace a concept of “mental well-being” that encompasses the lack of “ailments” and improving psychological, social, and entertainment growth. In turn, people can engage wholly in their chosen activities.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy entails restoring the ability to perform everyday functions and activities. These activities are self-care practices. They include eating, strolling, personal grooming, housekeeping and social activities. Our specialists play a vital role in improving user-centred programs.

They include; determining the requirements and demands of residents for specialized health programs. Then, they further build programs to meet that demand.

They also design instructional programs that teach safety practices and other compensating measures to centre individuals with various problems—for example, eyesight and auditory challenges and movement constraints.

In addition, residents get an insight into movement, adaptive equipment, and mobility aids. These make things much more accessible, safer, and more independent.


We emphasize senior care to the aged family members who wish to age with dignity by offering adequate personal and social amenities.

We guarantee comfort and well being in all aspects of life among the seniors living in Newburyport. Feel free to contact us if you need any senior care services.

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