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Senior Living in Salisbury

Senior Living in SalisburyMaplewood rehabilitation and nursing home is a center that provides long term skilled nursing care and short term post-acute rehabilitation. It’s a center of excellence in quality of life.

We offer complete clinical services catered to your every healthcare need. We also ensure our staff offer this care with professionalism and warmth.

Professional Senior Living in Salisbury

At Maplewood, we pride ourselves on giving the best experiences. However, as a Senior Living in Salisbury, you can consider nursing homes to get proper attention and care in case of any challenges.
We strive to create tailor-made care plans for all our residents.=

However, we know that our customers have unique needs, abilities and goals. In addition, we work to build strong relationships with each patient since we understand the importance of individualism.

We also strive to encourage family members to be active in their recovery process. We believe that you and your loved ones can maximize independence and quality of life to go back to society. Our team is always more than glad to assist you in the transition.

Nursing homes help older adults not be lonely, such as homes for seniors living in Salisbury. As a result, many people have learned to participate and work together to avoid boredness and loneliness.

We strive to have a good work ethic and excellent customer service.

Senior Living Services We Offer At Maplewood

In addition, Our services are 24 hours based. We offer a wide range of services as listed below.

Language and speech therapy– Our pathologists focus on creating comprehensive programs that can help in restoring speech and language function. In addition, they work to prevent impairments in chewing, hearing and memory deficits.

Physical therapy – We have specialized teams for all kinds of services we offer. Physical therapists work on helping patients restore strength, reduce pain, prevent re-injury and range of motion.

Occupational Therapy – With occupational therapy, we focus on restoring your day to day abilities such as taking a bath, eating, dressing and social experiences.

Recreational Therapy- Recreational therapy assists individuals with potential limitations in conditions that make the best of them. Recreational therapists help patients in mental, physical, social and emotional therapeutic activities. These activities help patients to maintain sensory awareness.

We also offer respite care, which gives you a temporary break from care-giving. It could be a family vacation or taking a few days off.

Find Senior Living Services Near Salisbury, NH

At Maplewood, we offer a modern environment that strengthens the patient’s spirit, suitable for your recovery. We also focus on providing excellent treatment for our residents and their families.

We ensure giving the best by using the advanced and latest technology and innovative care.

Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers are essential in our society since we acknowledge their importance in our daily lives. Nursing homes such as those for Senior Living in Salisbury provide older adults’ homes.

That is why we, as Maplewood, look forward to friendship permeating our center to enable positive outcomes for all our residents. In addition, our staff have strong bonds with each patient making it a unique experience.


In conclusion, Maplewood center is open to everyone who needs Senior Living in Salisbury. You can look at your services online and see which service you are looking out for, and we will be more than delighted to serve you.

If you are looking for a nursing or rehabilitation center, visit the Maplewood website or kindly contact us on 978-388-3500 for a physical site visit.

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