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Skilled Nursing in Newburyport

Skilled Nursing in AmesburySkilled nursing facilities offer residents a comprehensive variety of personal and health care. They include; 24-hour observation, ready food, and mobility support. Language or physiotherapy treatments are also part of the recovery process.

They are essential for people from the hospital but cannot return home. Maplewood is a facility with Skilled Nursing in Newburyport.

Individuals with long-term severe diseases may be required to stay in skilled nursing facilities to get the most care they need. We provide a wide range of care besides senior care services.

Any patient visiting our facility must undergo a thorough examination and health assessment first.

The proper assessment will help us know our client’s mental and physical health status. After that, we can then determine how to go about the care giving and the type of care the patient needs. Below are among the services we give at our skilled nursing facility.

Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing therapists provide services by assessing and treating people who have difficulties swallowing. The treatment plan entails exercises that strengthen muscles and improve chewing and ingestion. This is also applicable for patients with stroke, dementia and cerebral palsy.

Hospice Care

Our nursing facility also offers hospice or palliative care. It is a type of care that improves life for persons with incurable illnesses and their carers. We give persons in the latter stages of a terminal disease compassionate care. Thus, they can get maximum comfort.

All treatment is coordinated and supervised by the hospice specialists every day and hour.

The group is in charge of ensuring that all of the systems involved communicate effectively. Somebody is available to assist with any issues that come up. We give patients and relatives the assurance that they have another family that cares and that aid is available at any moment.

Nutrition Therapy

It is a holistic strategy that provides a patient’s guidance to achieve their dietary requirements. Besides, it helps to curb other diet-related conditions. We encourage each client’s healing by giving them nutritious, healthful meals that meet their nutritional demands and enhance their well-being.

Respite Care

In our Respite Care Unit, we administer medication and full-time nursing care services. We also provide adequate meal services and ensure the patients get proper recreational therapy. All this is to ensure the quality of life.

If you need a break from caregiving for a few days and need to attend a vacation or event, look no further. Maplewood Rehab & Nursing is here to offer you Skilled Nursing in Newburyport. No need to worry about your patient. Our personnel are ready to provide expert services with sufficient amenities.

Finding Skilled Nursing Near Newburyport

All patients at Maplewood Rehab and Nursing enjoy a secure and supportive atmosphere. Clients come first for our experienced and empathetic team of specialists.

  • Our facility does not discriminate against gender, age, colour, religion, among other characteristics.
  • Our friendly team offers services with equality to every resident.
  • Our services have won us a good review for patient safety and quality service delivery.

We would be happy to serve you during your treatment and rehabilitation if you seek Skilled Nursing in Newburyport.  So get in touch or stop by our place for assistance!

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