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Skilled NursingAt Maplewood rehab and nursing, we provide the best Skilled Nursing in Salem NH, understanding that Most older adults require rehabilitation programs after being hospitalized.

Whether they are recuperating from an ailment, concussion or stroke, rehab care can aid your senior dear ones to recover their stamina or agility.

It can also boost physical and cerebral performance.

As one of the leading Skilled Nursing in Salem NH, we at Maplewood rehab and nursing strive to assist the elderly recuperate and regaining performance so that they can resume daily routines and lead an independent life. We also offer most of the equivalent rehab services; however, the degree of the services may vary.

Why Choose Maplewood Rehab and Nursing

At Maplewood rehab and nursing, we provide the elderly with various rehab services designed to promote recovery from elderly health issues such as stroke, pneumonia, fractured hips or even heart diseases.

We offer short-term, temporary accommodation, around the clock skilled nursing and professional medical attention for older persons who require rehabilitation after being discharged from hospitals.

Rehab Services Offered at Skilled Nursing in Salem


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists will train your loved ones to develop stronger muscles, regain performance and mobility, minimize agony and avert re-injury. They analyze each and design unique treatment plans to restore the highest level of functionality and mobility.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists equip the patients with the skills needed to perform daily tasks effectively.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists create comprehensive programs to recover auditory processing performance and tackle hearing, swallowing, chewing, comprehension, and memory deficiencies.

Recreational Therapy

Our therapeutic recreational services assist disabled persons with potentially constraining impairments to make the most of their lives by offering therapeutic exercises that enhance or preserve cognitive, sensory attention, socializing and stamina.

Respite Care

Our Respite Care service has a design to offer you a respite from your caring responsibilities for a short period.

Skilled Nursing

Program Intensity

At our Skilled Nursing in Salem NH, we provide our elderly seniors with therapy daily for an average of one to two hours per session. Aside from that, we also provide them with personalized care and assist them with daily routines such as feeding, bathing, dressing, and going to the bathroom.

Our Specialized Workforce

Our professional service force consists of accredited nursing associates, certified practical nurses, registered nurses, and qualified occupational, physical, and speech therapists, among other experts.

After staff members have assessed your loved one’s health and rehabilitation needs, they will design a care plan for them. The plan defines the kind of rehabilitation services your loved one will require as well as the frequency with which they will occur.

Costs and Medicare Coverage

The rehab services offered at Skilled Nursing in Salem NH may entail medicare by either covering some or all the costs based on how long the patient requires rehab services. Medicare coverage may comprise a shared accommodation, foods, prescriptions, professional nursing services, various types of therapy, and other benefits.

To be qualified for Medicare coverage, your family member must enrol at our facilities within one month of being discharged from a hospital admission that spanned for at least three days.

Finding Skilled Nursing Near Salem, NH

At Maplewood rehab and nursing, we offer the best rehab services for young and elderly individuals who have been discharged from hospitals and are in the process of recovery. In addition, your family and loved ones have the assurance of quality care from our professional and qualified workforce.

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